Incheon Life!

I thought I would make a quick update! I will start blogging soon~ these days have been crazy! 

So I am currently living with my boyfriend’s family. I had pictured the nightmare senario where they all hated me and I couldn’t speak to them because of the language barrier. To my surprise, there isn’t a huge language barrier and some how we can communicate a lot! Also, they seem to really like me :D!!! They took care of me when I was sick (I was sooooo sick), they are always smiling around me, they try really hard to make food I like, etc. I have drank with his family and ate patbingsu with his mom and sister *__*! It really is the perfect situation and I am soooo relieved and happy. (Even his dog likes me!)

Actually, I feel super comfortable here!! ^-^~

Yesterday I met his best friend! That also went super well! There wasn’t a huge language barrier either. Through combining broken English and Korean we spoke nonstop haha. We got a long really well and him and his girlfriend invited us to go on a vacation with them to Busan! 

I also got to meet up with two of my friends from my exchange in Daegu in 2012/13. It was so nice to see them again. It felt like I had only been gone a week. :) It’s hard for me to get up to Seoul often tho because I am soo poor! 

I’ll post pictures of my Canada trip/ Korea life soon~ ^^


Just a heads up that I am currently traveling around Canada before I head to Seoul! This is why I have been so late answering questions and not posting anything~ I probably won’t be able to check my blog much until July 18th ish! I love receiving all the questions and private messages so feel free to keep sending them and I will answer once I get settled in Korea! ♡

Anonymous said: Did you do an internship while at KNU? I want to do one, but then again I have a long list of goals I want to do, and I'm not sure I can accomplish them whilst also doing an internship which is a huge commitment.

Hi! I did do an internship while I was at KNU but mine was unique, I was only able to take 1-2 classes because I worked 30hrs/wk.

However, I knew many exchange students who took internships that had lot’s of time to spare! I don’t think it’s too hard to balance the work load because the hours are usually very reasonable! I think if your interested you should definitely apply! :)

Anonymous said: Have you been to Africa? and if so, where?

Sorry for the delayed response! I am currently traveling around Canada so it’s hard to get Wi-Fi. I haven’t been to Africa yet! But, it’s on my bucket list ~^^

dabestest404 said: Hello there! I would like to stay in Korea for awhile and was wondering on how much your goshiwon cost is?

Mine was around $300 USD a month! I was subletting though~ They usually range from $300-$500 depending on the location and quality! 

Anonymous said: Hello Kyra.. First of all *~*~ CongratuIations ~*~* I know Korea University is one the bests..Good luck.. I have a question: I want to apply to Ewha's Master's Degree in English literature and I saw one of your posts stating that your gpa was "so-so" but Korea University accepted you so that gave me hope.. What was your gpa? Mine is 2.75 out of 4 so I'm really anxious..

I think a 2.75 is definitely possible! You definitely have a chance of getting in as long as you write a strong statement of purpose and have good reference letters! My GPA was a bit higher than that (I can tell you if you private message me), but I think a 2.75 is okay if the rest of your application is strong! Please apply and let me know the results! :) 

Thanks for the congratulations as well! :D

Anonymous said: Hi! Could you tell me the name of the gosiwon that you stayed at in Daegu? Jennie

I am really really sorry but I just subleased it and I can’t remember the name TT_TT It was on the west gate of Kyungpook National University on the top of the hill… I am sorry, I know that isn’t a whole lot of help! 

Anonymous said: Do you pronounce your name like kIra? Capital i?

Yup! “ky” like in “sky” :)

Today is 100% Awesome!

Last day at McDonalds!! 
Going to a cottage on the ocean for the weekend *__*
Got a 60% off scholarship from Korea University!!!!
7 days left till I leave for my adventure ><!
<3 happy, happy, anxious, nervous and happy <3

Anonymous said: Sorry that was a dumb question since it clearly says your major is English Education. What made you choose to do your masters for English education in Korea?

I thought it would be good to study in Korea because Korean students and Universities hold such high expectations. They work really hard and the schooling is really hard. I love to be challenged! Last time I was in Korea I was challenged a lot and my friends were all working hard which influenced me to do the same.

I also wanted to study a similar subject with a different perspective. Since I grew up in North America and took some teaching courses I know how the west views teaching practices. I am really curious about the differences between our education and Korea’s. 

I also taught a bit last time I was in Korea and the students are SOOO respectful and hardworking! I remember my junior high class (we were assholes) and these kids are so different! When I am teaching kids who really want to learn then I am motivated to work really hard on my lesson plans because I really want to teach them! 

:) These are my main reasons! I also just love being in new atmospheres because it makes life really exciting! So I knew that I was going to study abroad somewhere! 

Omg! Ahh 10 Days!!!

I have 10 days till I leave Nova Scotia >< OMG!! I am so excited and terrified!!!

Last Waltz- “Oldboy” OST

I watched this movie last night for the first time. It was recommended to me by a friend I met in Korea. It was absolutely AMAZING but at the same time so incredibly disturbing. I don’t want to give away the story so I won’t say more than that. However, I was so impressed! I don’t remember the last time I saw a movie that made me that interested and emotional (I really reacted to what was happening). It made it hard for me to sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Also the OST is so pretty so I can’t stop listening to it! I highly recommend this movie but prepared to be a bit disturbed haha. 

(Source: tayyarnerdesin / Mustapha saber)

Anonymous said: you can check the immigration website for more info. but basically, you can apply for work permit (onto the student visa) after you have completed your first semester (or 6 months in korea, which ever comes first), but still you are not allowed to tutor (even privately) or teach in a hagwon. when i say "allowed", i mean that it is not legal. students still do it though. you can find cautionary tales on the interwebs.

Okay this is really good to know! Thank you! I will look into it then~ ^^

Anonymous said: about hakwons; you're not allowed to teach (nor tutor) while on a student visa.

I was told last time I was in Korea that I could work up to 20hrs on a student visa and that I could also work on campus?

Time is Running Out

So a few days ago I was hanging out and drinking with my roommates and I just started bawling my eyes out unprovoked. It was bizarre, I looked at my calendar and then outside and I just started crying. I realized really suddenly that I am leaving, and not for a fixed time like before. I really have no idea when I will come back or if I will come back and that is a really scary and sad realization. Anyways, I really terrified my boyfriend and my roommate with my sudden loud crying haha (whoops). They thought they did or said something to upset me even though I told them that I was just sad because I would miss my family, friends, and Nova Scotia. 

I didn’t shed a tear last time I went, but everything I do now is super special and I get all mushy and sad. I feel like everything is the last. 

In 3 weeks I will be on a train to visit French Canada, then Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and on July 16th I will be on a plane going to Korea. I will be there at least 2-3 years for my Master’s Degree and then who knows? It’s amazing though, when I first came home I just wanted to go back. I hated it here and all I could think about was Korea. Now, I am super comfortable here and I can see so much that I love that I didn’t notice before. I love Canada and Korea and I think I will be “homesick” in either country.