Officially Moved

I finally finished moving to my new apartment. I was staying in Incheon with my boyfriend’s family till now, which was amazing, but I think it is time for me to be in my own place. Towards the end we were limiting each other because we never had time apart or lives outside of our relationship. I was starting to get clingy, which is never good. Now that I am living close to my school I’m going to try and check out somethings I can join! Tonight or tomorrow I am going to go to Itaewon to sign up for this Korean language hogwon :)! Hopefully that will help me to learn Korean again because I am at a halt in my language learning. Also, I found a really awesome language exchange partner ^^ so I am going to arrange a meeting this week. I think once I start finding my own things my anxiety will go away and I will be much more comfortable being on my own. 

No Cancer. Yes Fat.

So I went to the hospital today to check out that lump and there was nothing unusual. Looks like I am just too fat… good and bad news I guess. Time to go on a serious diet because I am so ashamed and embarrassed i let myself become like this… The cost was $200… so I basically paid $200 to discover I am a fat ass. yay. TT_TT

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Chuseok, Cold… Lump?

I was lucky enough this year to be able to celebrate chuseok. My boyfriend’s family invited me to their grandfather’s house for 2 nights. It was really amazing. They live in the country side on their farm so I really enjoyed how quiet and peaceful it was. The chuseok full moon was really beautiful too ^^ and we all made wishes (apparently the tradition). When I was watching my boyfriend  wearing a suit and bowing to his grandparents I felt crazily attracted to him haha. I definitely won’t forget! Unfortunately I won’t be posting any pictures because I thought it would be rude to turn respecting the dead into a tourist attraction. I’m really glad that even his relatives seem to like me :)! 

Unfortunately this morning I woke up with a really terrible cold (it started a few days ago) and to make matters worse I found a lump on my leg in the shower. It is a soft lump on my thigh and I have no idea when it first appeared. I googled searched “soft leg lump” and the first thing that came up was “soft tissue sarcoma”, which is a nasty type of cancer. yay. It could be nothing, maybe a cyst, maybe i am too fat now and it’s just some fat? I don’t know. I am getting it checked out tomorrow at an international hospital to be safe. I am really paranoid about cancer because about 1 year ago my close friend died from it… the day of his graduation he saw lumps on his arm and discovered he had very developed limp node cancer. He was a super healthy and smart guy and only 24 years old! He died too young, to suddenly, and too easily.  Let’s hope I am overreacting and it is nothing! 

I’ll write in more detail about Chuseok later, but I am too distracted by my cold and my anxiety about my lump to go into detail. 

"즐거운 추석 보내세요!"
Paris baguette for dinner ♥♥

Paris baguette for dinner ♥♥

Incheon Life!

I thought I would make a quick update! I will start blogging soon~ these days have been crazy! 

So I am currently living with my boyfriend’s family. I had pictured the nightmare senario where they all hated me and I couldn’t speak to them because of the language barrier. To my surprise, there isn’t a huge language barrier and some how we can communicate a lot! Also, they seem to really like me :D!!! They took care of me when I was sick (I was sooooo sick), they are always smiling around me, they try really hard to make food I like, etc. I have drank with his family and ate patbingsu with his mom and sister *__*! It really is the perfect situation and I am soooo relieved and happy. (Even his dog likes me!)

Actually, I feel super comfortable here!! ^-^~

Yesterday I met his best friend! That also went super well! There wasn’t a huge language barrier either. Through combining broken English and Korean we spoke nonstop haha. We got a long really well and him and his girlfriend invited us to go on a vacation with them to Busan! 

I also got to meet up with two of my friends from my exchange in Daegu in 2012/13. It was so nice to see them again. It felt like I had only been gone a week. :) It’s hard for me to get up to Seoul often tho because I am soo poor! 

I’ll post pictures of my Canada trip/ Korea life soon~ ^^


Just a heads up that I am currently traveling around Canada before I head to Seoul! This is why I have been so late answering questions and not posting anything~ I probably won’t be able to check my blog much until July 18th ish! I love receiving all the questions and private messages so feel free to keep sending them and I will answer once I get settled in Korea! ♡

Anonymous said: Did you do an internship while at KNU? I want to do one, but then again I have a long list of goals I want to do, and I'm not sure I can accomplish them whilst also doing an internship which is a huge commitment.

Hi! I did do an internship while I was at KNU but mine was unique, I was only able to take 1-2 classes because I worked 30hrs/wk.

However, I knew many exchange students who took internships that had lot’s of time to spare! I don’t think it’s too hard to balance the work load because the hours are usually very reasonable! I think if your interested you should definitely apply! :)

Anonymous said: Have you been to Africa? and if so, where?

Sorry for the delayed response! I am currently traveling around Canada so it’s hard to get Wi-Fi. I haven’t been to Africa yet! But, it’s on my bucket list ~^^

dabestest404 said: Hello there! I would like to stay in Korea for awhile and was wondering on how much your goshiwon cost is?

Mine was around $300 USD a month! I was subletting though~ They usually range from $300-$500 depending on the location and quality! 

Anonymous said: Hello Kyra.. First of all *~*~ CongratuIations ~*~* I know Korea University is one the bests..Good luck.. I have a question: I want to apply to Ewha's Master's Degree in English literature and I saw one of your posts stating that your gpa was "so-so" but Korea University accepted you so that gave me hope.. What was your gpa? Mine is 2.75 out of 4 so I'm really anxious..

I think a 2.75 is definitely possible! You definitely have a chance of getting in as long as you write a strong statement of purpose and have good reference letters! My GPA was a bit higher than that (I can tell you if you private message me), but I think a 2.75 is okay if the rest of your application is strong! Please apply and let me know the results! :) 

Thanks for the congratulations as well! :D

Anonymous said: Hi! Could you tell me the name of the gosiwon that you stayed at in Daegu? Jennie

I am really really sorry but I just subleased it and I can’t remember the name TT_TT It was on the west gate of Kyungpook National University on the top of the hill… I am sorry, I know that isn’t a whole lot of help! 

Anonymous said: Do you pronounce your name like kIra? Capital i?

Yup! “ky” like in “sky” :)

Today is 100% Awesome!

Last day at McDonalds!! 
Going to a cottage on the ocean for the weekend *__*
Got a 60% off scholarship from Korea University!!!!
7 days left till I leave for my adventure ><!
<3 happy, happy, anxious, nervous and happy <3

Anonymous said: Sorry that was a dumb question since it clearly says your major is English Education. What made you choose to do your masters for English education in Korea?

I thought it would be good to study in Korea because Korean students and Universities hold such high expectations. They work really hard and the schooling is really hard. I love to be challenged! Last time I was in Korea I was challenged a lot and my friends were all working hard which influenced me to do the same.

I also wanted to study a similar subject with a different perspective. Since I grew up in North America and took some teaching courses I know how the west views teaching practices. I am really curious about the differences between our education and Korea’s. 

I also taught a bit last time I was in Korea and the students are SOOO respectful and hardworking! I remember my junior high class (we were assholes) and these kids are so different! When I am teaching kids who really want to learn then I am motivated to work really hard on my lesson plans because I really want to teach them! 

:) These are my main reasons! I also just love being in new atmospheres because it makes life really exciting! So I knew that I was going to study abroad somewhere!